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GoldenAge – Buildings details and decor

Models and textures for Rob Tuytel’s Golden Age project, These are hipolys for still rendering of VR panoramas.

I used the same workflow as for realtime game models, just using a bit more detail on the “lowpoly” (or better, in this case, ‘final’ model that is used in the scenes renders) so a few things like shutter hinges or thin frames are in the final lowpoly, but these aren’t much heavier than what’s used in a modern fps , the hipoly is still used, and baked to textures in Substance.

Nicolo zubbini gatea04
Nicolo zubbini screenshot 2016 03 19 19 01 16
Nicolo zubbini windows3
Nicolo zubbini doors2
Nicolo zubbini screenshot from 2016 03 20 17 24 37
Nicolo zubbini trims3