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Rewind part 2

-Part2 of the images from this project : level screenshots here. See part1 for more-
Environment art for the PC 1st person puzzle game “Rewind”, out on Steam on the 31st of March , by Stubborn Horse Studio, main dev. Rachel Cordone.
My part was to develop the full env art kit for the game, starting from a white box layout (very important in this case, being the puzzles dependent on the shapes and dimensions of rooms) For look-dev , i had a small kit of assets from the prototype version and guidelines on design and style, but i did concept work for most of these assets, and that’s a part i always greatly enjoy.
The project was started in 2012 and uses UDK, so what you see is not PBR shading (even if most in this post is Substance painter screenshots) , all assets were made with spec/gloss textures to use udk image reflections in game.
More pics and info on my blog :