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MAV: New parts and env assets

Some new assets, done in the past months, for Modular Assauly Vehicle.
Lots more to post as soon as they’re released 😀
Modeled in Blender, textures in Substance, rendered in Unity 5, At this point i prefer results in Unity vs. Marmoset (2, at least) maybe a little less metallic and shiny as i have it set up, but overall pbr reliability and just the easy of shading and lighting in unity 5 (since 5.3-5.6) is great. The actual game is unity 4 and not pbr shaded, but i have started doing some env. / maps work, and that allows to setup reflection maps and lamps to work better for the mechs shading too (and, luckily, the big open spaces in the game mean that light conditions are much more consistent than in i.e. a human scale city level with interiors, so it’s not too time consuming to expose correctly without pbr, hdr, tonemappers and all the fancy stuff) .

Heavy2 cockpit - Thermal systems (mech parts) - Ice level assets