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MAV: Garage

Content set for the game MAV by Bombdog Studios.
Models, textures and scene setup for the game lobby and mech building area in the game.
Usual workflow : Blender for modelling +Substance for textures, game engine is unity 4.
1st 3 pics are beauty shots in unity 5 using same textures, 4th shows the modular 'slices' setup to allow extending the level with 2 or more 'mech bays', and the baked light in unity 4. Screenshots from Substance Painter show texture sheets and which parts are uniquely textured vs. all the repeats and reuse in the assembled models.
The main structure is a single kit of beams and pillars, props are on another uv sheet and all the background walls use parts of building facades made for the game levels.

Nicolo zubbini mav unity5 5 test cam garage4 2017 10 08 21 36 18
Nicolo zubbini mav unity5 5 test cam garage1 1 2017 10 06 19 27 39
Nicolo zubbini mav unity5 5 test cam garage1 2017 10 06 19 24 01
Nicolo zubbini croppercapture 404
Nicolo zubbini mav garage1
Nicolo zubbini pic 76
Nicolo zubbini pic 75
Nicolo zubbini croppercapture 356
Nicolo zubbini croppercapture 343