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M.A.V. modular mech parts

M.A.V. : Modular Assault Vechicle is a indie PC game where you can build your mech and fight other pilots, developed by Bombdog Studios.
I worked on unwrapping, making hipoly detail models and texturing all the mech parts in the library, and modelled lowpolys for some.
Credits for the base design and lowpoly modelling goes to the main dev of the game Chad Mauldin ( and Valerio Fissolo collaborated on modelling hi and low poly for the heavy weapon set.
More details on my site :
The overview screenshot is in the game engine, Unity 4, with a custom hardsurface shader. The assembled mech pictures on top and below are Marmoset viewer renders (using same spec/gloss maps as in game but with full pbr shading)